March 28-30, 2023 |
Las Vegas Convention Center

The Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana is joining us at International Pizza Expo 2022!

Market Analysis of Neapolitan
10:15 am-11:15 am Tuesday March 22.
World Pizza Games Area


Promote and protect, in Italy and in the world, the true Neapolitan pizza, produced and processed according to the ancient Neapolitan traditions and customs. This is the mission of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), which for over thirty-five years has been at the forefront in the defense of pizzerias, pizza makers and products in the supply chain linked to this great excellence of the gastronomic Made in Italy, realized in accordance with the characteristics described in the International Regulations to obtain the collective trademark “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, in force since 1984 and drawn up and registered by the AVPN.

Founded in June 1984 in Naples, the Association now has more than 900 affiliated pizzerias in 50 countries, from USA to Japan, from Russia to Australia, from South America to Europe, passing naturally for Italy. Furthermore, we count more than 460 national and foreign pizza makers registered in the AVPN register, that was born with the aim of defending the art of the ‘Neapolitan pizza maker’, universally recognized, so much so that it has entered the UNESCO Olympus as an intangible heritage of humanity.



  • Training courses aimed at both professional, aspiring pizza makers and also amateur. The basic course is also suitable for entrepreneurs interested in investing in a Neapolitan pizzeria, while the advanced level ranges from the gluten-free pizza course to the one to make bread in a pizzeria; from the masterclass on doughs (from authentic to alternative) to the course for bakers. The courses can be attended in our HQ in Naples or in the several schools are currently open across the border: the first is based in Los Angeles, then Osaka and Kyoto in Japan, São Paulo and Porto Alegre in Brazil, Poznan in Poland, 5 schools in France and Granada in Spain
  • Register of suppliers approved by AVPN: is the register promoted and edited by AVPN for the supply of products, agri-food and otherwise, related to the production chain of true Neapolitan pizza. A tool at the service of all affiliated pizzerias to choose the ovens, equipment and raw materials (food and beverage) recommended by the Association, in order to obtain and guarantee the high-quality standards that comply with the requirements of the “true Neapolitan pizza”.
  • Olympics Vera Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games, the greatest challenge among the “Veraci” Pizza-Makers from all over the world, will take place in Naples, at AVPN headquarters, from 3 to 6 July 2022. Five, in particular, the disciplines in the competition: from “Vera Pizza Napoletana” to “Gourmet”, from “Gluten-free” to “Deep-fried Pizza”, up to “Mastunicola”.

To compete for these 5 Olympic medals – both individually and for countries – will be only the AVPN Members Pizzerias and the affiliated Maestri Pizzaioli spread across the five continents, but a special competition will be organized for non-members pizza-makers. For this category will be organized selections around the world so that only the best will get to Naples.


  • Club of Friends of Vera Pizza is the international community of lovers of true Neapolitan pizza, open to consumers, pizza makers, producers, journalists and experts in the food and wine sector. An exclusive club that allows participation in dinners, tastings, events, seminars, meetings and intensive training.  Not only.  It allows you to stay constantly informed on trends, history and news on the world of pizza and, above all, to support AVPN in the protection and promotion of typical products suitable for the production of true Neapolitan pizza.