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September 16, 2019

Hot Rocks Pizza Oven

The Hot Rocks Oven is the new way to cook pizza! It’s the best of both worlds, combining a conveyor for speed and stones for quality. If you are tired of working hard, this oven will change your life…and your profits!
“Restaurant operators work hard. Our objective with the Hot Rocks oven is to offer a solution to make their lives easier. It offers a modern twist to serving real traditional stone cooked pizza with a fraction of the work involved. “said Vincent Tourigny, CFO.
After installing a Hot Rocks Pizza Oven, restaurants have experienced:
Over 5% sales increases year-after-year – Some clients have experienced over 20% sales increase.
Over 6% hike with Overall Satisfaction with the Company (OSAT) scores
Over 3% increase in “Pace of the experience’’ scores
Over 4% increase in “Food Quality’’ scores: Not a single complaint about burnt food 90 days post-installation
Revolutionizing the Pizza Industry, the Hot Rocks Oven offers the ideal blend of speed and quality. Its Game Changing granite stone conveyor, provides a consistent crispy crust in record time. The result is crowd-pleasing pizza.
Hot Rocks Pizza Ovens
About Hot Rocks Pizza Ovens
Hot Rocks is a spin-off of Picard Ovens that is exclusively dedicated to the Pizza Industry. With over 60 years of experience in the baking industry, we manufacture high quality ovens in North America and offer the best service in the industry. Innovation is key to our success and we specialize in improving the pizza restaurant operations. The Hot Rocks oven is the result of many years of Research and Development combined with concrete customer insight to redesign the conventional pizza oven that is now revolutionizing the pizza oven industry.

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General Mills Foodservice

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Columbus Vegetable Oils

Columbus Vegetable Oils Debuts New Dressing Cup Packaging and Pizza-Specific Oil Blends at Pizza Expo Des Plaines, Ill. –August 5, 2021 – Columbus Vegetable Oils, a family-run business serving the foodservice industry with high quality vegetable