March 28-30, 2023 |
Las Vegas Convention Center


Description Early
Reg open 2022 – February 3, 2023
February 4 – March 26, 2023
March 27 Onsite – End of Show
First Buddy First Buddy First Buddy
Retail Buyer 3-Day Pass $200.00 $160.00 $230.00 $190.00 $250.00 $250.00
Distributor 3-Day Pass $200.00 $160.00 $230.00 $190.00 $250.00 $250.00
Broker 3-Day Pass $200.00 $160.00 $230.00 $190.00 $250.00 $250.00
NONEX $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $400.00 $400.00

Pizza Expo Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer Policy (NONEX):

Expo floor registration is open to industry professionals only. Manufacturers/Suppliers and certain distributors who do not exhibit in the show will be classified as NONEX and charged a minimum of $350 per person for admission to the show floor (rates depend on time of registration). NONEX’s are those types of companies that would normally sell their product or service to an attendee.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Attendee grants Emerald the right to use Attendee’s name, image and likeness, including but not limited to any photographs or video taken of you at the show, for marketing purposes.
  2. ATTENTION: Exhibitors and Sponsors at Show Name may utilize badge scanning in order to follow up with you after the show. Please be aware that by permitting an exhibitor/sponsor to scan your badge, your contact information including address, email, phone & fax will be shared with the exhibitor/sponsor, and Show Name will no longer be in control of how your information is used. Questions or concerns? Email
  3. Emerald reserves the right to accept, reject or prohibit registration for or attendance at its events at any time for any reason.
  1. Attendee expressly assumes, and releases Emerald and any affiliates from, all risks, claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses, whether or not reasonably foreseeable, associated with, resulting from or arising in connection with Attendee’s participation or presence at the Event, including, without limitation, all risks of harm, damage, illness (including viruses or illness from any communicable disease) or injury (including death) to or related to Attendee and his or her person or property.
  2. Attendee expressly agrees to fully comply with appropriate COVID-19 health and safety measures and protocols for attendance at the event, including the requirement to wear face masks at all times and maintain appropriate social distance.  If needed, Emerald will have limited face masks available for those attendees who do not bring their own masks to the event.  Emerald reserves the right to remove any attendee from the event for failure to adhere to the required COVID-19 health and safety measures and protocols for attendance at the event.
  3. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you have reviewed and agree to the Emerald Privacy Policy.