March 25-27, 2025 |
Las Vegas Convention Center

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Slice Saver

Slice Saver is a reusable pizza slice food storage container that helps pizza stores generate new revenue and sell more pizza by providing an extra slice storage solution for customers to keep slices fresh for longer. Slice Saver offers pizzerias a f
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Pizza Packet

PIZZA PACKET IS THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN PROVIDING THE FRESHEST AND HIGHEST QUALITY PACKETS IN THE COUNTRY. We take your pizza seriously. Made from the freshest, finest ingredients, Pizza Packet provides gourmet spices and Parmesan Cheese in portion-co
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Pizza Pal LLC

Pizza Pac is pleased to showcase its eco-friendly pizza storage product at The 39th Annual International Pizza Expo. Are you excited to attend the largest Pizza Event in the US? Come by to meet Heather (founder & inventor) and see how Pizza Pac i
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Alto-Shaam to Debut New Wide Vector® H Ovens at Pizza Expo 2021 Unmatched food quality and consistency New wide ovens designed to cook pizzas up to 16-inches (Booth #1456 – Pizza Expo, Las Vegas, 17-19 August 2021) – The versatility of Alto-Shaa