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Elena Besser meets 2 chefs challenging stereotypes in the pizza world | Head of the Table

Apr 21, 2023
Chef and host Elena Besser meets two trailblazing pizza makers breaking barriers in the culinary world. First, she visits Don Antonio restaurant in New York City helmed by owner Giorgia Caporuscio, the youngest female pizza maker to win the Caputo Cu

Welcome to the greatest pizza show on Earth

Apr 03, 2023
LAS VEGAS — I woke up in my Vegas hotel room with a swollen face and what you might call “mush brain.” It wasn’t one of my worst hangovers, but it also wasn’t the kind you typically wake up with in this city. I had eaten too much pizza.

Pizza acrobatics is an actual sport. This man has won 7 world championships for it.

Mar 06, 2023
Tony Gemignani started spinning pizza dough when he was 17. Crowds at his brother’s pizzeria in Castro Valley, Calif., would watch in awe as he tossed dough 15-feet in the air, before seamlessly sliding it through his legs, across his shoulders and