March 19-21, 2024 |
Las Vegas Convention Center

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March 20, 2023

Klondike Cheese CO

Odyssey Brands is debuting one of our new cheeses at this year’s Pizza Expo. The Odyssey(R) Naturally Smoked Feta Cheese will be launched and used on a pizza recipe that our Corporate Chef Allen Hendricks has created. Odyssey(R) Naturally Smoked Feta is sure to please cheese lovers across the board. Sprinkle on your salad, pizza or mix it into your Tex-Mex dish. This naturally smoked feta features just the right amount of smoky flavor and color, a slightly salty touch and tanginess comes through from the traditional feta, and a creamy mouth-feel finish. It has the same softening properties when heated like a feta cheese should have, it melts well but never turns gooey and maintains its flavor.

The “Odyssey Pizza” that will be sampled at the show brings high quality ingredients together to make a flavorful veggie style pizza. The base sauce is an Odyssey(R) Tzatziki Dip topped with shredded Buholzer Brothers(R) Brick cheese and Odyssey(R) Smoked Feta Crumbles. Added red bell pepper, greed onions, and baby spinach brings freshness to the build. The final touch is garlic enhanced Odyssey(R) Greek Yogurt swirled on the top.

Odyssey(R) and Buholzer Brothers Brand products are produced in Wisconsin and are continual award winners at national and world competitions. This year being no exception with taking home a first place in the Feta Cheese category at the U.S. Cheese Championship Contest. All the products are available in retail and foodservice sizes check out our booth at the International Pizza Expo # 1972, or contact Allen Hendricks at 608-328-9288.

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Before the Butcher

Before the Butcher Launches Award-Winning Plant-based Pepperoni Before the Butcher, a leading manufacturer of plant-based burgers, grounds, and other unique plant-based proteins such as chicken and sausage, has launched a new product line that is sur
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MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.)

MFG Tray Co is excited to announce the addition of a NEW Mini Dough Box with Snap-on Lid to our product line. MFG Tray’s boxes are the industry standard in efficient handling and storage in operations worldwide. But not all facilities are created e