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June 28, 2021

Peerless Ovens

Peerless Electric CE61PE Deck Oven with Ventless Hood Option
No Hood? No Problem! Peerless Electric CE61PE pizza oven, with the Ventless
Hood option, offers the best in quality, performance and value, eliminating the
need for a costly traditional exhaust hood.
The Peerless Electric CE61PE Pizza Oven offers exclusive features
including a space saving design, with electronic controls and a variable control system for
better distribution of heat and better baking. The CE61PE has a total of 2 decks, each being
42” wide x 32” deep x 7” high. 1” baking stones are standard. The CE61PE holds eight (8)
16” pizzas. Now offered with an optional ventless hood and Ansul System, the CE61PE-
VL50 has the flexibility of placement in your kitchen or anywhere in your facility.
With the optional ventless hood, the CE61PE-VL50 has a footprint 50” wide x 42” deep x
88” high, saving valuable kitchen space without sacrificing output. The ventless hood is
certified under UL710b. The Ansul R-102 wet chemical fire suppression system is available,
where required. All Peerless electric ovens can be purchased with the ventless hood option.
Please contact or call 800-548-4514 for more information

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Before the Butcher

Before the Butcher Launches Award-Winning Plant-based Pepperoni Before the Butcher, a leading manufacturer of plant-based burgers, grounds, and other unique plant-based proteins such as chicken and sausage, has launched a new product line that is sur
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MFG Tray (Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.)

MFG Tray Co is excited to announce the addition of a NEW Mini Dough Box with Snap-on Lid to our product line. MFG Tray’s boxes are the industry standard in efficient handling and storage in operations worldwide. But not all facilities are created e