March 25-27, 2025 |
Las Vegas Convention Center

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February 6, 2024

Polidori Sausage

Polidori Sausage, America’s oldest family-owned sausage company renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition, is excited to announce its debut at The International Pizza Expo. As a first-time exhibitor, Polidori Sausage is set to captivate attendees with its premium clean label sausages made from Great Grandma Anna’s heirloom recipes.

Polidori Sausage has been a trusted name in sausage craftsmanship since 1925, specializing in all natural sausages made from premium pork shoulder, salt, and spices. With a heritage spanning generations (Four to be exact), the company has maintained its dedication to delivering exceptional flavor and uncompromising quality to consumers across America.

“We are excited to make our debut at The International Pizza Expo, an event that celebrates the artistry and passion behind one of America’s favorite foods,” said Melodie Polidori Harris, VP and Chief Sausage Officer at Polidori Sausage. “As a family-owned company deeply rooted in tradition, we are eager to showcase our premium sausages to the pizza community and share our commitment to quality ingredients and authentic flavors.”

In addition to showcasing its renowned sausage products, Louie The Link, their lovable mascot designed to embody the Italian spirit and add a touch of fun, will be at the Expo. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Louie, take photos, and learn more about the heritage and craftsmanship behind Polidori Sausage.

“We believe that food brings people together, and our goal is to enhance the pizza experience with our flavorful sausages and a dash of fun,” added Polidori Harris. “We can’t wait to connect with fellow pizza enthusiasts, share our story, and spread the joy of great-tasting sausage.”

Visit Polidori Sausage at Booth #1774 at The International Pizza Expo to sample their premium sausages, meet Louie The Link, and discover why Polidori Sausage has been a beloved staple in American kitchens for generations.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Caroline Lahn
VP of Marketing

[About Polidori Sausage]
Polidori Sausage is America’s oldest family-owned sausage company, dedicated to crafting premium sausages made from quality ingredients since 1925. With a commitment to tradition and flavor, Polidori Sausage continues to delight consumers with its authentic, clean label sausages.

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