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February 23, 2023


Delicious news for foodservice operators who’ve waited patiently over the years to serve a tastier, meltier, healthier, stretchier and superior dairy-free pizza cheese topping: Today marks the introduction of game-changing Perfect Pizza Mozzarella Shreds by health food pioneer Violife.

Living up to its name, Perfect Pizza Mozzarella Shreds are helping redefine the explosive dairy-free pizza category by providing foodservice professionals with what consumers crave most in a plant-based cheese topping: mouth-watering flavor, premium ingredients, authentically moist texture, a long shelf-life and high-temperature stability.

Perfect Pizza is sized in foodservice bags to more conveniently serve the industry’s plant-based cheese needs, while pre-shredded packaging is ideal for melting, baking, topping salads, serving on the side or in a buffet. Moreover, Perfect Pizza’s unique blend of great taste and important nutrition makes it a must-have product not only among those following a restricted diet, but those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional pizza as well.

Violife’s new Perfect Pizza line is free of animal products, lactose, GMOs and preservatives, while also providing an excellent source of Vitamin B12 – a key nutrient for people who consume plant-based foods. Moreover, Perfect Pizza is a true time and money saver for members of the foodservice industry, since they need only use 50% of what they would normally use if they were preparing pizza with dairy cheese.

Best of all, though, Violife has managed to attain the holy grail in the plant-based food category by creating a new product so amazingly flavorful, rich and versatile that switching to dairy-free pizza will never feel like a sacrifice to pizza-loving consumers (and isn’t that all of us?!) ever again.

About Violife
With more than 30 years of dairy-free product development experience, Violife® is a leader in plant-based food with a diverse range of non-dairy alternatives from slices and blocks to butters, spreads, and creams. Great for cooking, baking, melting, and spreading, Violife’s products are free from dairy, soy, gluten, lactose, nuts, and preservatives and enriched with Vitamin B12. For more information, visit

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