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February 1, 2024

VoicePlug Inc.

Pizza operators are loving PizzaVOICE as orders and revenue increase and profitability soars

PizzaVOICE AI Ordering is the only specialized AI ordering solution for Pizza Chains


Palo Alto, CA – [1-Feb-24]: VOICEplug AI announces that PizzaVOICE – their automated phone ordering solution using cutting edge AI technology is now live in over 400 pizzeria locations. This is the only specialized AI ordering solution built for Pizza chains and designed to cater to the unique demands of pizza ordering, setting a new standard in customer interaction and service efficiency.
Transforming Pizza Ordering with AI:
PizzaVOICE is not just an AI system; it’s a comprehensive solution for every pizzeria’s needs. From handling specialized orders like Half and Half pizzas to managing Build Your Own Pizza requests, combos, and various customizations, PizzaVOICE makes every order a breeze. Its capability to manage topping additions, different sizes, and coupons, while recognizing repeat customers, sets a new benchmark in personalized service.
A Myriad of Benefits for Pizzerias and Customers:
The impact of PizzaVOICE extends far beyond order taking. It significantly increases average check sizes through intelligent upselling and ensures zero missed phone orders, drastically reducing order inaccuracies. With quicker and more accurate order taking, it addresses one of the biggest challenges in the food industry – customer wait time.
Enhancing Customer and Staff Experience:
PizzaVOICE elevates the customer experience by keeping phone lines constantly available, ensuring no order is ever missed. This efficiency allows staff and cashiers to focus on serving dine-in customers, enhancing the overall dining experience. By offloading the repetitive task of order taking, PizzaVOICE also plays a crucial role in boosting employee retention and reducing staff burnout.
24/7 Reliability and Personalization:
Operating around the clock, PizzaVOICE offers unmatched reliability and enhanced service hours for pizzerias. Its advanced AI technology remembers and recalls individual order preferences, providing a personalized experience and fostering customer loyalty. This personal touch, combined with reduced order abandonment, leads to a significant rise in overall order volume.
The Future of Food Service:
VoicePlug envisions a future where AI technology seamlessly integrates with the restaurant industry. PizzaVOICE is a major step towards this future, promising a more efficient, customer-centric, and profitable pizzeria business. Its reliability, personalized service, and operational benefits are not just transforming how orders are taken; they’re revolutionizing the entire ordering experience.
Join the Revolution:
We invite you to experience the future of pizza ordering with PizzaVOICE. Discover how this innovative solution by VoicePlug is reshaping the world of pizzerias, one satisfied customer at a time. For more information, visit or email us at to set up a demo or discussion call.

About VoicePlug:
VoicePlug is a leading company offering an AI-powered voice ordering system for fast casual restaurants, QSRs, and Pizzerias. Their technology integrates with various ordering platforms like phones, drive-thrus, kiosk systems, and Web and Mobile Apps, enabling customers to place orders using natural language. For more detailed information, visit their website at .

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