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March 2, 2023

Zoe’s Meats


Petaluma, CA
Discerning Chefs struggle to find quality, artisan ingredients for their local pizzerias because their local distributors don’t carry what they want. At Zoe’s Meats we have found a way to service independent pizzerias by making our pizza toppings available via our Drop Ship Program. We have teamed up with United Parcel Services (UPS) to get exceptional rates so all wholesale orders include free shipping.

Zoe’s Pepperoni is loved by chefs and branded on hundreds of menus nationwide. Chefs use our pepperoni because it is mildly seasoned and allows a real pork finish to shine. Zoe’s Pepperoni is available through exclusive distributors, of course, but we can ship the item via UPS because it is shelf stable. Pepperoni was one of the first items we launched in 2007 and continues to be a top item for our brand. After our pepperoni grew a following, we decided to launch sliced pepperoni in a retail format for our chefs at home too.

Cupping pepperoni has grown in popularity and many chefs have approached us to create one. It is finally here. Try Zoe’s “Fired Up” Uncured Pepperoni on your pizza and watch it burn and cup, then taste the spicy crunch. There are many other cup and char pepperonis out there. But ours is nitrite free.

About Zoe’s Meats

Years ago, I met Charlie, my co-founder, on a beach volleyball court, and since we both
made careers at meat companies, it was no wonder we hit it off and became friends. It
wasn’t long before we started brainstorming ideas for our own company.

In 2007, our vision was to build an artisan cured meat company leveraging our ability to
connect and communicate with chefs and restaurateurs. We wanted to give chefs access to
ingredients that were so good they didn’t have to make them in-house from scratch. Next
thing you know, we were delivering in our refrigerated vans to one restaurant at a time, one
box at a time.

Named after my youngest daughter, the brand Zoe’s Meats can be found on hundreds of
restaurant menus across the country as we have become ingredients of choice to thousands
of restaurants. Fast forward 16 years and now we are focused on building the same
relationships with chefs at home. I hope you enjoy our products. Drop us a line and tell us
how you used our products in a recipe or follow us on social media.

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Contact Zoe’s Meats: or 707 545 9637

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